3 Ministries/Events to Promote

Here are 3 ministries that I thought you would like.  I attend their stuff.  I volunteer with them because I believe in the impact they are making and I have personally witnessed their credibility in ministry. I invest personally in these ministries.
 I recommend these ministries to others because I know these ministries deliver.  Deliver what?  A God experience!  It is so disheartening to go to an event large or small and not once encounter the Holy Spirit.  Not saying these are the only ones to go to, everyone has their preferences.  The reason I like these events are because:

  • they are localI don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to fly across the nation. If you don’t mind spending the bucks flying across the nation THEN your going to love these cuz they are definitely worth the trip.  They are located in Florida, so plan a trip to Disney too!  However -support your local ministries.  No one geographical location is better than any other. If you live in Florida these are events you will be glad you went to.
  •  They are not all hype! These events are exactly what they say they are and then some.  They totally deliver.
  • I always leave better than when I came.  

    #1 Marsha Woolley and PenFlorida Assembly of God Women’s Ministries  gowomensminstry.com-  Marsha is the Women’s Director for the Assembly of God in the PenFlorida District.  She has an amazing vision for empowering women to impact Florida for the Kingdom of God.  It’s not just her vision, she can preach, too.  The first time I heard her I almost fell out of the chair laughing.  She grew up in Africa as a missionary kid, so she doesn’t think like most Western cultured ministers.  She thinks so outside the box.  Then if that wasn’t enough she operates in  her gifts, full on!  Go see her, and take your team with you. They will be ministered to and empowered when they leave. 

    #2 Fall Breakaway -  This is an amazing event.  Every year an amazing speaker (Lisa Bevere, Medina Pullings, Judy Jacobs, even Rita Springer).  This year is Christine Cain from Hillsong Australia.  The hotel this year is Rosen Shingle Creek and wow!! The rooms are queen size beds, you don’t find that very often and the hotel has plenty places to eat including a buffet and even a deli/store.  All reasonably priced.  For 4 people to a room only 100$ that includes registration.  NOT BAD! 
    #3 Hope Tour -  This year is Hope in your own little world.  It’s one day of workshops with a final session. IT'S TOTALLY FREE!!!  The workshops are amazing.  Topics like "ministering to your spouse (especially if the aren't believers),  what if you don't like your kids (okay can we be real at these events too!) Hope in a world of pain (yep even for people that haven't physically seen their healing yet!) Trash to Cash (the coupon rage is back!!!) There are like 10 workshops to choose from (you pick 3) Again go to gowomensministry.com for more info like dates/places. I'm a little biased to this one cuz I'm doing one of the workshops.  My workshop is on Mentoring, bridging the generational gap type thing (one of my favorite things to do :)  )  Hope to see you and your team there.

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