Connecting the Ministry

There has been a shift in the way society connects 
to family, 
to friends,
 to businesses
 even to church and ministries. 

It's Social Networking

 It's not going to go away. In fact, I believe Jesus used this very thing in His days.  He was connecting to people. It didn't matter if it meant he had dinner with them, or even casual conversations on the side of the road. Those simple connections seemed to  explode into blind eyes healed and the lame walking again.  He could have camped out in Jerusalem and let the word of all the healings spread, to the point everyone was coming to Him. We call that in the business world the "attraction model." Yet He didn't He went out and commanded us to do the same.  

Here is a video that hopefully puts a perspective on this Social Revolution we are experiencing.  

Q4U:  What are some of the ways your ministry is using Social Networking to connect?

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  1. Social networking really is not going away nor can it be prayed away as I've actually heard some people try...

    Get on board or get left behind, really...


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