Women's Ministry Legacy

We all have a legacy.

We all are leaving something behind.  We are leaving a fingerprint on society good or bad. We can leave our kids all kinds of things from material wealth to emotional strength.  Our lives, our choices and particularly our impact on our culture is a our legacy.  We can leave the next generation a legacy of fear, or a legacy of faith.  We can leave our society a generation of superwomen!

What was left to us? What did the Women's Ministries in the beginning do that left an amazing legacy for us?  Missions! 

WMC - Women's Missionary Council

In the Assemblies, the first women's ministry was called WMC Women's Missionary Council. They started out praying (there's a novel idea) for missionaries and then they started seeking out ways to support them. 

Even when they started training up the next generation, which they called "Missionettes." (how appropriate) they were mission minded. 

We have been left a legacy.  

Our ancestors, the ladies that paved the way for us, left us an incredible gift.  It was the key to their success and I believe the key to ours.  It is Missions.

We have been given a torch, the baton has been passed.  It is our leg of the race to run. What are we doing with it? 

Aline's Gift
For women's ministry today, our missions fund is Aline's Gift, after our own Aline Johnson.  She has left a legacy for us to pass on. 

Take the time to consider this, pray for our missionaries and give to Aline's Gift. Don't just talk about it, put your money where your mouth is.  You know if those ladies in the beginning had Facebook, they would have this all over it! So re-post the video and encourage your circle of influence to give too.

Here is the video pic of the week!

You can start today by giving.  Here is the link to donate. 

You can continue by talking with your team and coming up with a plan to fund this. 

What will be our legacy to the next generation?  What will your ministry be known for? What will they want to continue?  The one thing that transcends generations, Missions!

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