Your Faith on Center Stage

Have you ever taken a stand of faith that made you a joke among your friends? 

When people heard what God told you to do, did it seem like they all sat back to watch  you fail? 

When you make a stand for faith, or for a principle you are on center stage.  

Yep, there will be people that will cheer for you, will pray for you and they will rejoice with you when it all unfolds before their very eyes. I love those people.  

Then there are the people watching NASCAR just for the wrecks. 

There are those however, in every congregation, every denomination that isn't watching to see how good the show is, and  how great God shows up.  There are those that are waiting and watching with bated breath to see you make a mistake! They are waiting for the wrecks. They bought tickets just so they could watch you bite the dust one more time.  When you step out of the boat, it's okay if you get wet, these guys are the ones waiting for you with a towel. 

Heb 10:33 while you were made a gazingstock…

We are being warned in this Word our stands of faith will is what stands us out. It's what distinguishes us from everyone else. It will make us dinner conversation.  Whether we like it or not we are on display.  You will be amazed at how many people are on the edge of their seat watching you.  Some are on the edge of their seat because if you make it they can too.  Some are on the edge of their seat ready to jump up at the hint of mistake, point a finger and say  "I told you so!" Many times these people are not unbelievers they are believers, I use that term lightly.

So don't be surprised when your act of faith puts you on center stage.  Stand firm on the promises of God, don't let mistakes shake you, get up and try again.  When it's their turn be the audience that rejoices for them. 

Was there a time when you took a step of faith that put you on center stage? 


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  1. Love this message, sister-friend! I'll never look at a Nascar wreck the same way again.


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