Change in the Air

There is change in the air.  Yep the seasons are changing. I know in Florida that means the tempature drops a couple degrees but hay anything below 90 is cooler.

Facebook rocked a lot of worlds a couple weeks ago.  People woke up doing their normal routine and wham! Facebook the arch nemisis to the superhero "Mr. Routine" struck a nasty blow.  They changed once again all the things we thought would never change.  Change is inevitable.  I like change, I like to be warned first though.

Netflix did a big change and it cost them big.  So the CEO did this big apology about their change in billing policies.  The apology wasn't that prices changed but because they didn't explain the change.

Well I like to learn from other people's mistakes.

The Blog is changing
Matthew 10 (Message version) has been the Word I have been standing on the past few months.

It says things like "start small" and not needing a great big fund raising campaign to start.  I took that word literally.  And true to form God does what He does when we put our efforts into His hand.  He added a whole bunch of grace to it.  When this happens ministry grows, we need to grow with it. 

Here are the changes
Switching Blogging Sites

I am going from Blogger (blogspot) to Wordpress.

I like Blogger, it is simple and easy to figure out.  It is for blogging and that's it.  I definitely recommend it to the non-geek writers.  If your considering starting a blog this is a great place to start.

Wordpress is also a great blogging site.  It has a little bit more when it comes to sites and design.  It has the ability to grow with you. "Sisterhood" has grown.  So I must grow with it.

Mobile Device Ready
Wordpress looks great on the mobil devices, particularly the iPad.  It has a magazine feel which is the direction we are going in.

We are going for an online magazine, so we are also taking submissions as well. You will hear more about having an online magazine presence in the near future.  Send your articles in, this is a place for you to discover  your voice.

Better Comment Capabilities 
I believe blogging is great for stirring up conversations.  Blogger's comment section was not the optimal place for that. Wordpress just fits perfectly for us in the comment section. It's easy to comment and easy to follow. When I read blogs I get more out of the comments than I do the actual post.  Your comments are important to me.  So I had to go to a site that shared my value on this.

Daughters by Design
There will also be a corner for Daughters By Design, teen girls between 14 and 18.  Articles written just for them.  I am really excited about this, because quite frankly ladies mentoring is what we are suppose to be doing.  The ultimate goal is to get a Daughters by Design forumn for the girls to access some wisdom anytime of the day or night(they are up all hours of the night).  It will also be a place we can hear from them too. A place they can write the articles.  If you are working with that age group girl HAY don't hesitate submit an article.

Subscriber Forms
The Wordpress site will have two  distintly different ways to subscribe.

1)A subscription will send to your email address each article as it is posted.  This is how I read all the blogs I read. Instead of clicking on link after link, checking for new articles, the automatically come straight to my email, very convientent for me.

2) The other type of subscription is for ministry updates.  You know a heads up on what's going on in Women's Ministry. This is a newsletter sent periodically to inform you of up coming events, live simulcasts, leadership trainings and just an encouragement.

So here is the link to the new place.

For the next few weeks I will be posting articles on both Blogger and Wordpress. I hope that will give you time to go to Wordpress and sign up as a subscriber.   Eventually there will be no more post to Blogger, so don't procrastinate go over to the new site, bookmark it and let me know what you think.

Thank you for your patience as we work out the bugs in the new Wordpress site and in this transition.


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