How do you turn the idea facuet on?

One small idea can change your life. One simple idea have turned many from material poverty to material prosperity almost overnight.  An idea from God can bring you out of fear and despair into courage, confidence, faith, and victory in the twinkling of an eye.  

We are told to ask God for wisdom, and we are comforted with His promise of give it to us whenever we ask freely, no strings attached.  I have faced many difficult situations, entangled in what seemed impossible circumstances and  I have cried out for wisdom.

Now seriously, I wasn’t looking or waiting for an idea to pop into my head, I was really crying out for God to just make it all better.  And well, to my misfortune I missed the answer to my problem. 
When we ask for wisdom we are asking for God’s ideas.  His ways and thoughts are way higher than ours.  He delights in supplying us with ideas that will turn situations around. 
Want to turn the idea faucet on?
God has the inside scoop on  how everything in the universe works.  We some how need to get our hands on what He thinks.

Faith in our God coupled with consistent action will release the resources we need. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him(action),and believe He is always good(faith). 
Here are five simple actions that will level you up in faith and turn the idea faucet on.
1- Meditate on His word.  You would be surprised how many Christians I meet that don’t read His Word everyday.  I am equally surprised at how many leaders I have met that haven’t read the entire bible at least once.  When you meditate on His word it will help you discern God idea’s from good ideas.
2- Practice His Word.  This means you believe and obey what you read in the Bible. His will is your will. How can we ask God for advice and ideas if we aren’t willing to carry them out?  Start by obeying the Word you do know.  Be faithful to the Scriptures you do know.
3- Speak and vocalize His promises.  There is power in the tongue, life and death power.  Get vocal about God’s promises. Start speaking out about His faithfulness to supply all your needs. He is a God who speaks to His people.  I find when I start talking it out with the people close to me, the ones that really know me, the solution comes in that conversation. Ideas begin to form and take shape.  
4- Pray.  I know that sounds so obvious.  I don’t know how many times I was asked “Did you think to pray?” and the honest answer was no.  Praying is more than just petitioning God for the answer, it is praise and worship.  Praise Him until the worship comes then worship till the Glory comes.  In His Glory realm all things are possible.
5- Give.  Yep give, and give some more.  It is a privileged life to give.  We don’t give to get we get to give.  Live generously with others.  Live to give. You become an open cannister for God to fill up when you pour out. 

From experience I have realized that it was the small ideas  dropped into my spirit that produced the most benefits.  Don't limit God by only looking for the big ideas. Remember the mustard seed, it's tiny, it's pungent (whew put one in your mouth) and it produces a big bush. 

Q4U: How do you discern between a God idea and a good idea?


  1. The peace of God is so important to me, as a factor in what I am actually led to follow through in doing.

  2. I agree, I love it when the Spirit leaps and that joy sets in.


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