Growing those ideas

Have you ever had an idea, thought it was a great idea but never did anything with it? Then a few months later you see someone else has taken that idea and turned it into a successful fruitful venture? They obviously considered the idea, enough to make a go of it and followed through on it.  I have even had the audacity to say “Hay! That’s my idea.” That’s as silly as saying to someone with a fish on their hook “Hay! That’s my fish it was under my boat!”
God gives us amazing ideas, they are life giving and full of His notions on what is best. However, if we never plant or even consider them, like an unplanted seed will dry up and decay.  For an idea to bring fruit it has to be planted.
Receive it. 
An idea must be planted or better yet received.  How do you receive from God? First off, thank Him and then respond to it.  I personally respond to ideas by writing them down.  I feel they are treasures from heaven and are so valuable I don’t want to forget them so I write them down. 
Test the idea.  
I pray over them.  I prove them or test them by asking questions.  Is the idea Biblical? Will if fill a human need, solve a problem and help others? One of the ways I discern God ideas from good ideas is this - God ideas are giving ideas.  Be careful sometimes we rule out an idea from God because it makes us uncomfortable. Quite honestly every God idea I have had demands trust in Him and risk with me. Don’t use the excuse “I don’t have peace.” because the idea makes you uncomfortable. 
Once you have a giving idea commit yourself to put that idea into action. Invest your time, money and energy into to seeing it develop. This is where you need to be ruthlessly intentional with your time.  This is where the timing of the idea will become an issue.  Stay in His timing, be prepared for Him to put things in place.  Just because it’s not the right time doesn’t make it a bad idea. 
Prepare for blocking. 
Know that problems and troubles will come to try to stop you from completing the project. Trials always come before the final victory. God will allow you to be tested and proved.  When you are in this development phase of the idea, you have to choose whether you will persist with your idea/vision or give up. Don’t quit! Believe in the idea God has given you. Hang in there and you will eventually creatively and effectively move on to seeing the fullfillment.
 Remember you have prayed for the idea, prayed over the idea, you have tested the idea. You have spent some time talking this idea out with God, trusting Him to protect you from making dumb decisions. If this wasn’t His idea He would have tried to stop you before now.  

God doesn't have attention deficit disorder. He doesn't change His mind as much as we do. Sometimes when we face a block we are tempted to think God has changed His mind on the whole endeavor.   Remember to Him, finishing is better than starting. 

Experience fullfillment.  
Q4U: What do you do when you see the vision come to bear fruit?

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