They don't get it: 3 Reasons

3 reasons your team doesn’t get it
It seems the team doesn't get it.  Relax,  don't write the resignation letter yet.   We are not alone Jesus had this problem, often.  The disciples didn’t get it.  Jesus would tell them He was going to be with the Father and they still asked “where are you going?”  His own mother and father lost him in a Jerusalem Passover crowd and took 3 days frantically searching to catch up with Him.  His own mother and father didn't get it. One time he asked his team "How long do I got to be with you?" However,  Jesus didn't quit.  Jesus didn't beat them up over coffee. He didn't fire them.  Jesus had a team that didn’t get it, so will you.  Relax, ask for wisdom, apply it and move on. 
When we know where the problem lies, or at least the root of the problem, solutions come, sometimes effortlessly. Here are some, not all, reasons why the team doesn't get it.
1- No grace
The team lacks grace.  Grace is more than receiving undeserved forgiveness at the Cross.  Grace is the undeserved ability, the empowerment, to do what God has called you to do.  When we experience this undeserved empowerment from the Throne of Heaven or from a leader, we will take more risk.  It’s pretty motivating when you step out of the comfort zone knowing full well your leadership and God is cheering you on! Lack of grace also means it’s about performance and show, and that leads to legalism and perfectionism. I'm not talking about  a lazy attitude toward excellence and integrity.  Whatever flows to us will flow through us.  A team that lives under the waterfall of grace get’s “it” and only God gets the glory!  
2- Lack of faith
Jesus asked the disciples a few times “where’s your faith?”  They didn’t get it, and Jesus went right to the point, faith in man is pointless, faith in God is world changing! The Corinthian church didn’t get it.  Paul even made a comment that it was better off if they just closed the doors to the church and how the pagans behaved better.  Yet in the beginning of the letter to the Corinthians Paul was genuinely thanking God for them!  What made Paul do that?  Because Paul’s faith was grounded in what God could do in and through them and not what they could do themselves. That kind of faith is contagious! Believe God can empower your team and your team will begin to believe it too! 
3 - Priorities are skewed
I want to go a little deeper with this idea than just  ‘keeping the main thing the main thing.”  That statement almost seems like getting on a hamster wheel.  It seems in striving to keep the main thing the main thing we can totally miss the main thing. 
Let me explain.  I lived for so long trying to keep God first, before everything.  God before family, God before ministry, God before marriage, God before even church (yeah that’s not so new huh?) It’s a battle and a life God never intended for you to live. 
My priorities were skewed.  I had a misconception about what priorities meant. That kind of thinking separates God from those areas of my life.  I didn’t get it.  I didn’t understand scriptures about loving God with all my heart and soul. I didn’t understand about the whole life and life more abundantly thing.  I didn’t get it.  Why?  Because I was delusional about God being on the top of my list.  God can’t be a priority HE IS THE PRIORITY!
Instead of putting God first then my family, I put God first in my family. Instead of putting God first then my career, I put God first in my career.   Same with the team instead of striving to keep God first then the ministry, how about God being first IN THE MINISTRY! For instance instead of striving to keep God first then evangelism, we keep God in evangelism. Instead of putting God first then the bible study, we put God in the Bible Study.  Instead of knowing about God, we get to KNOW GOD! When God shows up so does the atmosphere of Heaven.  It’s Heaven on Earth.  People GET THAT!

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