Enriching the Ministry (part 2)

This is part two of Enriching the Ministry.
Here are some more simple cost effective ways to supplement the ministry and help develop your team.
Online webinars, simulcasts or conference calls 
For some this means getting a little tech savy.  Get’s some youth to help you out in this.  Learn from them, don’t just rely on them to do everything, every time. Gather the  core team or women your mentoring around a computer and hook up with a leader in a different area. Meet with a core team from a different church and share ideas. Arrange for a joint call with another leader and let the team ask questions and then process the interview together.
Cross the denominational and church divide 
 Join forces with another church to accomplish any of these ideas.  I have what we call the meeting of the five families. Five women’s ministries in our area get together and plan ways to meet the injustices in our community.  Learn from each other. We really need to loose the competing ministries mentality anyway. Do a combined mini-conference of your own. Rotate the location of events to the different churches. 
Learn from each other 
Take turns with sharing best practices from different walks of life and careers.  For instance, best practices for nurses, teachers, business, marketing, mothering, home-schooling.  
Plan a scavenger hunt  
It could take a day, week, even a month.  Give the ladies certain items to look for,  such as a community need, brilliant marketing, leadership techniques, experts to bring in, places to fellowship, the list could go on!  Create teams, or pairs to search their community, online, book, or through networking wherever they want.  Let each team present their findings. Let them seek out new ideas and improvements they can share and learn from.  The process of sharing the idea discovered will prove to be development.
You have any suggestions?  What has your ministry done to bring more substance to the ministry?

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