Leading in the Trenches

Are you and your team going through a real battle these days?

There are times as a leader it seems as though you and your team are going through the fire.  I call it the “trenches.”  It’s not the pressing of small stuff it’s the BIG STUFF that’s bombarding the ministry and it’s all you can do to hold your ground.  It could be a season of transition and we all know how vocal some people are about change. Maybe you are the new leader replacing an awkward situation with the last leader.  Maybe you have been called in to clean house, so to speak.  It could be the ministry was blindsided and now your holding the ground till resources, replacements and re-enforcements show up.  Whatever the case may be you will know without a doubt you are in the trenches and I have two words “grace” and “mercy.”  Hang in there, help is on its way.
While in the trenches I have a few tips to help you and your team get through this. 


 Keep the main thing the main thing.  What is important in the ministry?  Keep that in the front of your mind. Why did you get into ministry anyway? 


Go all in, bring everything you got into the situations. Effort will go a long way.  Will you be tired? Yes, will you need to take some breaks for refreshing? Yes, it’s one reason I love Fall Breakaway so much.  No making 3 tracks, your two feet and your tail. 


Your credibility, your word is the most important possession  you have. Don’t compromise those godly core values the Holy Spirit spent years developing in you.

Solutions and Sisters.  

Don’t be the one presenting all the problems and offering no solutions.  Just solve the problem and move on.  Whatever you do don’t argue with the solution and don’t make excuses. Remember your sisters.  Let’s not leave any behind.  Great solutions have a common trait, they are win -win.  Look for those kind of solutions especially when dealing with your sisters.

Take the blame when no one else will.   

Own up to your responsibility and be accountable to your part! Jesus took the blame for all kinds of crimes, as soon as He did redemption began to flow.  I know sometimes it’s just wrong, and unfair.  Be the bigger person.

Yes, I do windows.  

The best gifts are on the lower shelves.  Humbleness goes a long way.   Let’s lose the “Your not my boss” and “that’s not my job” attitude.  When leading the ministry, the business, the family through these really tough times remember we are all in it together.  

Can you think of more ways to stand your ground without hurting those around you, or have you been through this and have an encouraging word?  Leave a comment.  

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