Bath at Your Own Risk

Risks! Risks! Risks!
It seems most of everything Jesus taught and did was about risks.  The Sermon on the Mount was about risks,  I mean really, to be blessed means to be needy, merciful and assured of persecution. There is a risk in there. Then he sends the followers (without Seminary School) to preach "Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is near."  At least the message was positive. 
Hmmmm do we really need a bath? It depends on where your going.
The real risk is not stepping out.  
1 - When we get real comfortable with our own abilities, strengths and cleverness we will show up to minister without Him.

 Who wants that?  There is real danger to getting comfortable with our own abilities. We will accept the praise of man much more readily.  Jesus warns us in John 5:44 this will cause unbelief.  You in danger of believing man more than God.  You will look to man for your approval and not God.  
2 - We would be like the guy who buried his talents.

He didn’t invest in those talents and he didn’t invest them, the Master called him wicked and unfaithful. The key here is the guy didn't invest HIS talent.  We need to invest in them, learn more about them, get better at doing them, exercise them and then we need to invest them. Put them to use for others. 

3 -  We will less likely give God the glory, when we stay in our safe comfortable spots. 

This is a real danger, the one that will have you at first bite.  This one is like touching the Arc of the Covenant, it never ends well.  It's hard to give God glory when you didn’t need Him in the first place.

Staying in our comfort zones is taking on huge risks.  I believe there is more risk in the comfort zone than the splash zone.
It is a risk to step out of our comfort zones. However, the more we do the more we will learn to trust the desires God has placed into our hearts. The key to this risk taking is like Sea World. We go see Shamu and have to decide do we sit  in the dry zone (the comfort zone) or the splash zone. Notice the splash zone isn’t in the tank! There’s a difference between stepping out of your comfort zone doing something you like and are familiar with, and stepping out of your comfort zone to do something that makes you miserable. Find the right spot, will mean taking risks.  

Have you ever hesitated and later realized taking that risk would have been a really good thing? Or have you ever hesitated and later glad you did?  leave a comment and stay tuned for tomorrows post is "Think Before You Jump"

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