Think Before You Jump

Just Do it! Really?

I'm sure he didn't start out diving from this high up, but he did start somewhere.

Solomon in all his wisdom encouraged us to be prudent by giving thought to our ways (Pro. 14:8)  
What he is saying is think before you jump.  Yes taking risks, getting out of our comfort zones, good.  Chasing a fantasy, living in Fantasyland, bad.
Jesus was tempted by Satan to jump off a cliff! 

How could that have been a temptation?  Well to us, surrounded by fear, that wouldn’t work.  To Jesus, the Fearless One, this was.  It was taking a risk.  Jesus gave thought to this risk.  By His example, taking a risk doesn’t mean jumping off the cliff, willy nilly. Most people who took big risks and succeeded will tell you they -  thought about it and they prepared themselves for it. As you learn to lean on Him more and more the risks get bigger and bigger.  Your faith has grown so it can handle it.  

As a leader you will have to take some risks.
Here are 3 things to do when taking risks that will keep you from chasing fantasy
1- Check out if your heart is into it.  

If your not passionate about it, then slow the train down.  Do a heart check, not a flesh check.  Your brain will reason with you, your emotions will scream of fear, and your body will get sick.  Do you believe the risk is from God?  I love the risk Peter took when he abandoned the safety of the boat during a storm and walked on water.  Before he stepped out he prayed “Jesus if this is you bid me come.”  We can ask for wisdom and God will give it to us without looking down or condemning us for asking.  How cool is that?!
2- For the really big stuff that involves others talk it out.

  Explain exactly what your thinking about taking on.  I have a couple of people I bounce ideas off of, especially the risky ones, they have learned to play the Sam I am game with me, relentless questioning. I try to see every aspect of the risk, even the failure, the success.  Filter it through some wise people.  This is a very important part of taking risks.  Jesus didn't jump off the cliff when tempted, He consulted with the one resource on hand at the moment,  Scripture! 
3- Get your toe wet. 

Take some baby steps if necessary, just take some steps.  If I have a desire to do something and it pops positive with my life's passion yet I don't have experience in it, I take baby steps.  Maybe you could ask someone who has stepped out in that area for some wisdom.  You could come alongside a ministry that is already doing it, serve with them to get the experience you need.

All you risk takers out there have something to add, let's hear it, take a risk, be the first to comment. 

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