Keeping Track of Your Notes

Do you take notes and then never look at them again? Why take them in the first place? 

Taking notes is another part of journalling and I find a very important part of journalling. Taking notes is suppose to help you remember all that stuff you don't want to forget. The problem is do you really go back to your notes? And if you do, can you remember where you put them, and then the crazy task of going through all those notes for a specific topic?

I take a lot of notes, I want to be a good steward of the ideas and creativity God sends my way, sometimes it's a blog, a website or even a facebook quote I don't want to forget.  Sometimes God sends people with a wealth of wisdom. When this happens I take notes. Isn't that a great way to respond to His careful attention to your growth?  When you do this for a while organizing these notes can be a real task. For instance, I took notes at a conference on the topic of entitlement, (Lisa Bevere is an amazing speaker)  what do I do with it then? I file it in my head hoping to remember exactly what journal I wrote it in and where? Yeah, that doesn't work out so well for me. I am not Google. I can't remember every little tidbit that made an impact on me on a particular day, in a particular mood.

I have discovered this really nifty application.


This is an application that I have downloaded (FREE) to my mac, ipad and iphone.  I can capture or collect ideas that inspire, make me go hmmm, and even make me say "really?"  Does your browser have a favorite list a mile long yet? Evernote will sync the note to all my devices which means all that note taking is totally accessible anytime and anywhere. 

Then if that wasn't enough Evernote organizes these thoughts, notes and ideas by indexing them into different notebooks and even tags to make everything I write and collect totally searchable. For instance, I have a notebook for each ministry I'm involved with.  I also can make a note and put it in any notebook and as many notebooks as I want.

And it's all searchable, making it easy for me to find fast today ideas that intrigued me a few months ago.  

How do you organize your notes?

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