What do I write, again?

Journal prompts 

1- what am i thankful for
2- 20 things I love
3 - 10 things I hate - I think God had 14 hmmmm
4- what is my pastor's vision
5- what is my vision
6- creative ideas no holding back, if anything was doable what would your next event look like
7- what kind of conference do I want to go to
8 - what does your favorite verse in the bible mean
9- favorite quote and why?
10 - what's your life quote
11 - got dream?  Had a dream from God, write it down
12 - who are you in 300 words or less
13 - 31 days of wisdom - 1 chapter of Proverbs a day, what is jumping out at you from that chapter
14 - draw a picture even stick people work
15 - tape a memento from today into your journal and describe why
16 - what's your prayer today
17 - what's your prayer for your kids/ your church/ your pastor/ the president/ the person that irks you the most :)
18 - favorite book and why
19 - favorite person and why, careful with this one (whatever you write someone will read)
20 -  favorite sermon and why
21 - best vacation
22 - best birthday
23 - wedding memory (just one)
24 - mom memory (go ahead and splurge)
25 - the most influential woman in your life
26 - find a topic any topic (maybe a topic that God has been wanting to instruct you/correct you in) study it and report your findings.  For instance: I am currently go through the topic "Mercy" 
27 - Who is Jesus to you, really!!! not just what you know, but who is He to you by personal experience.  For instance; Jesus is my Rescuer why? there is a rather long list of rescues
28 - Your top ten "How Cool is that!" list
29 - Your top ten "How dumb is that!"
30 - 10 things you would like to see stop
31 - 10 things you would like to see start
31 -  Local landmark what is it and why is it
32 - favorite food and why
33 - besides money what do you need more of?
34 - hobby? 
36 - where do you THINK God is leading  you?
37 - Where has God led you in the past? Hind sight is 20/20
38 - What has God been showing you lately?
39 - 5 favorite movies and why?
40 -  Wanting to get to know God more, what was His personality like today in your devotions
One humorous story from the Bible. Something you find funny and why.

Got any suggestions? Leave a comment.


  1. These are some really great ideas. Thank you so much! I love your posts.

  2. Thanks Pat, it really means a lot coming from you!!!


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