Team Needs

Your Team has Needs
Ministry teams need things too. Even if your team consist of one or 12 volunteers they have needs concerning the ministry. 

courtesy of  Frits Ahlefeldt
1 - They have a need for clarity - most people have a difficult time separating vision from strategy, which includes specifics.  Sharing your vision without some specific plans is a mistake.  

2 - They need for the leader to model steady emotions, avoiding extreme highs and lows.  There are moments you just need to be strong and steady for your team.  Break down in the prayer closet, He can handle it.
3 - They need to take action after making decisions are made and the new direction is set.  Moving in the right direction can build momentum.  Making decisions and never move on them, only clouds the team with doubt and mistrust.
4 - They need security, to feel safe and to know you are for them!  Even if they make mistakes, are you going deplore them, ignore them, or restore them? 
5 - They need to make significant impacts.  The team wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  The team wants to be a part of something great and meaningful.  Even in the hum drum setting up and tearing down they want to make an impact. They want to know if God is in on this. Make them aware of evidence's of grace in them and in the ministry.  Ask yourself: Are they more aware of their shortcomings, or the evidences and manifestations of God moving and impacting their life and the lives around them?

6 - They need a Sabbath.  As a leader it is easy to get excited about momentum and not wanting to lose it.  It's easy to get caught up in building momentum, and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but never reaching it. Jesus didn't drive the disciples, He led them.  There were days Jesus and the disciples got caught hanging out in the wheat field, picking grain. Not for ministry  but for restoring.  Your team needs a break, take them on a retreat, let them breathe, take them out to dinner and you pay.

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