Spiritual Life Hacks

Yesterday we discussed preparing messages that are inspiring and applicable. 

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Let’s go another step today.
It ain't easy being green!

We can't make things too easy
I love Bible studies that show me how to simply apply the Word in my daily life. We get into danger when the Bible Study becomes too simple and too easy.  You know, a bunch of life hacks to just getting by.  Survival techniques that doesn't really need any faith in God to walk out. In fact most of these life hacks doesn't need God at all. 

 Simple doesn’t mean easy
Just because the steps of a righteous man are ordered by God doesn’t make them easy. Like eating less and exercising more, simple? Yes. Easy? No.
Spiritual Life Hacks
Life hacks are little things we do, sometimes unconsciously, to make life comfortable and non confrontational. If we aren’t careful our Bible studies can become a class on spiritual life hacks. We teach the steps to living in a spiritually gated community. So we come up with cliche’s that make us feel better, feel safer and less threatening to our neighbors. Sometimes our Bible studies become just a digging for loop holes to get out making hard choices.   
Here’s a life hack example:  I had this lady come up to me and ask "Do you think God wants me to quit smoking?"  It took everything in me not to say "Are you crazy? Of course He wants you to quit smoking!"  But if I did, then she would have learned a very unscriptural life hack of "Go ask Sandy." (Life Hack:Not develop your own ear to hear God, ask someone to hear for you) Thankfully the Holy Spirit had the right word, "Have you asked God? Did He tell you to quit?"
It was a life hack to avoid confrontation.You see, it is a whole lot easier to tell me “No, I am going to keep on smoking no matter what you say” than tell God the same to His face. 
Q4U: Know of any other spiritual life hacks?

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  1. Love this - "unscriptural life hack" wow...new term I will definitely be using. I have seen this happen A LOT. Mostly in relationships when people are with an unbelieving boyfriend or an affair, etc. and actually believe GOD has something to do with it. {sigh}


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