We Don't Own Tomorrow

Tomorrow is not ours it's Gods.

If we don't own tommorow we can't control tomorrow. Sometimes we get fearful of the things we can't control. We can't worry about what's going to happen tomorrow.  There is enough to worry about today much less spend all our energy worrying about something that hasn't happened.  

We don't know the first thing about tomorrow
We aren't to boast about what we are going to do or not do tomorrow, either.  It's not really wise to announce what the ministry is going to do without having the owner of tomorrow to back it up.  Why? Because we don't own tomorrow, we don't know the first thing about tomorrow.  

It's not what you know it's who you know right?  
We know, nay we are related to the owner of tomorrow. How cool is that?

So what does the owner say? 

 My favorite is "Joy comes in the morning."  The morning "joy" showed up on my doorstep I had never cried because of joy before.  I didn't know what was going on with me.  But the grass was greener that day, the sun was brighter, the sky was perfect.  I can tell you the day before my only hope was that there would be a tomorrow, and the owner of tomorrow told me joy was coming.

Q4U:  You got a tip from the owner of tomorrow? Let's hear it.

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  1. Over and over He just keeps saying, "trust Me..." so I am.


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