Unexpressed Approval

Proverbs 27:5 
A spoken reprimand is better than approval that’s never expressed.
Who likes to get reprimanded publically?  I mean really, who likes to get rebuked, corrected even slightly adjusted privately?  It’s not one of my favorite moments in life.  
We are to welcome correction, and thank God we get them from some wise people.  Who likes to get corrected by a fool? There is great wisdom in being correctable and plyable.  
A follower always getting corrected, no matter how much is needed and no matter how much we welcome it, after a while it can be discouraging. We start hesitating when opportunities arise.   As leaders let’s recognize that we can over play the adjusting and correcting hand. Approval never given is worse than a public reprimand. 
Unexpressed Approval
One of the best coaches I had always told us how good we were. She always told us  “we were a hard team to beat”, “we had what it takes to go all the way” and  my personal favorite “your great fielders, so keep your gloves up.” 

We didn’t get prideful. In fact, our first year with her was our best year in 12 years, our record 2-12.  That’s right we won 2 and lost 12 yet, to her we were always the best team on the field.

We didn’t need any reminders of how bad we were on the field, the scoreboard, the smirking looks from the other teams was enough. What we needed was reminders that we had some skills that could work to our advantage. The 3 years I was with her we did win and we won a lot! 

God Practices what He Preaches
I believe God would never tell us to do something He doesn’t practice Himself. God does approve us. His approval is so effective it is silly not to seek it. It is a great benefit to cultivate a life that pursues His approval. 
Holy Spirit conviction isn’t limited to just sins.  He convicts us of our righteousness as well.  He isn’t just pointing fingers at what is wrong, He is constantly pointing out what’s right.  Maybe our sin is we don’t believe Him. It’s okay to say “I am righteous!”  (maybe we could have a ministry called Righteous Babes).  
I know, some of you are saying “Sandy, let’s be humble now.”   I get that. Yes, let’s be humble.  It’s not right to stand up on your desk and say “I did that! and THAT was very COOL!”  Even though every bone in your body wants to (who you kidding, we all want to).  You know what is better than that is your leader jumping up on the desk pointing her finger at you and saying “She did that! and THAT is very COOL!”  
Q4U:  Got any suggestions on ways to express approval?  How about you, ever been approved by your leader? or not approved? How did you get through it?


  1. Since my RECEIVING love language is "words of affirmation," words of approval (or the lack thereof) mean so much to me. If I don't hear them, I sometimes give up trying, just as your blog says. Then I remember Col 3:23: "Do it as for HIM, for your reward is in Heaven, Amy!" That helps to assuage the pain A LOT!

  2. I too have to remember I'm doing it for God in the first place. I love the song by Rita Springer "Worth it All!" (i think that's the title) It helps remind me that whatever we go through it will all be worth it when we see His face. Thanks for your comment.


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