Follow Up

Jesus knew how to reach out and meet needs. Start to finish He was meeting our needs.  

In ministry finding out people needs is just good business. 

If someone hasn't ate in three days, feeding them first will probably go a lot longer than forcing a bunch of scripture their way.

I have met some Women's Ministry leaders that fuss more over who is not there than who is there. I believe if we met the needs of the women who do attend we would have more people than what we know what to do with. The feat here is what are those needs?  

Follow up can really help you identify some unmet needs. Find out why they left and never came back.  Some instances are just unavoidable, however some are credible and worth our attention. 

This video pick is an expert in the auto industry way back when, addressing not car salesmen but the owners of the dealerships. It's short but makes a very valid and powerful point. 

Q4U:It takes courage to follow up and face critique.  What are some ways to make this simple and easy?

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