Territorial in Church

Gangs mark territories with graffiti
Have you ever met someone that gets territorial in Ministry? Ay-gee-mama! I see this quite often, because I don’t deal with just one local church I deal with a whole bunch of them. 
Some churches are afraid of their members going to an event at another church. Most of the pastors I work with don’t have a fear of losing people.  They just want to protect their flock from misquided overzealous evangelist. 
I get that. I am very protective of those God has sent me to serve, love and guide.  However, I'm also confident in the choices they make. If I am doing my part right they will make amazing choices. 
Fear of losing people
There is an inclination to fear people will go some place else. But here is the bottom line, in Florida there are 9 million women.  That’s enough to go around.  For some of us, just one of those 9 million could be a full time job. If you loose a person from your ministry, for whatever reason, there are plenty desperately in need of a touch from God.  

Just ask Special Gathering, a ministry within the mentally challenged community. This an unreached people group that has often been ignored by the church. It is so unreached that the fear isn't losing them - it's not reaching them at all.  I like that, isn't that the way ministry is suppose to be?  There are plenty of disabled people yet not enough laborers. (If interested in this ministry contact Linda Howard of Special Gathering, here is a link to her blog. This is one ministry that has plenty for everyone)

Here's some food for thought:

If we absolutely have to get territorial over people why not the human slave problem? 
Does your events include other churches? How do you deal with that territorial fear? 

How do you deal with other ministries inviting your ladies to events all the time? When is it too much?   

Have you done a community outreach with other churches?
How did that fare?

This is a real concern in church leadership, probably going to be another post. It is a discussion we all should be involved in. 
Q4U: What's your thoughts on this issue?


  1. Wow, you've brought up a minefield! Love it.

    Off the top of my head in answer to your questions:

    If we absolutely have to get territorial over people why not the human slave problem?

    I so agree!

    Does your events include other churches? How do you deal with that territorial fear?

    I typically do not "invite other churches" simply because of the territorial fear that I know exists out there. Some pastors would go postal if you invited them, and I'm not here to offend other pastors, I'm here to help them. So, I refrain from inviting their people. However if they show up they are welcome. I would not try to keep them at our church. We aren't trying to steal sheep. In general I try to go after the unchurched - there are millions of them out there so the last thing I need is "someone else's people."

    As far as territorial fear I try my best not to feel that way and realize that if a sheep strays to somebody else's fold (full time) they probably weren't really in my fold anyway. If they are truly loyal they won't leave. If they did leave I obviously didn't have their heart.

    How do you deal with other ministries inviting your ladies to events all the time?

    I honestly don't really care - the marketplace is flooded and they get invites from everywhere from Joyce Meyer conference to Women of Faith. I just do what we're doing, do it to the best of our ability and if they get invites elsewhere, bless them to go.

    When is it too much?

    I consider Florida "Conference Country." It's just a matter of fact. If you pastor or lead any ministry in the state of Florida the fact is, you have a plethora of other conferences that are going on, and one's frustration with it isn't going to stop it. I bless people to receive where ever they can, but endeavor to be a strong enough leader that they always come home to be fed.

    Have you done a community outreach with other churches?

    Periodically - not extensive experience in this area but have done that from time to time.

    How did that fare?

    When I have participated in this it's been a very positive thing - generally with all like-minded people so that makes the difference. You can't have a successful outreach with people with a territorial mindset.

  2. Amen sister! You dropped a bunch of nuggets of wisdom here.

    Ha! "Conference Country" I never heard it called that but it is so true. There is a conference just about every weekend. hmmmm a post called "conference country" or even one called "conference junkies" comes to mind, want to take one of those, see what you come up with?

  3. Let me see if I can think of how to communicate that. I really want to do it properly and that may take me some time to let it marinate. :)


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