A great women's ministry is like a cheerleading squad it has flyers and bases. Check out "What do they call you" post. Normally the younger and lighter girls are the flyers and the older stronger girls are the bases. 

When we are training up the younger women we are really training them to fly! We become a base for them.  Remember your beginnings?  What is disheartening to a lot of young believers they aren't trained what to do when they fly, and they aren't caught when they come down. We can help them identify their gifting and talents, we can encourage them keep their spark to love. 

Mutual trust is the glue that holds the team together.  As older believers it is up to us to show them on the ground what to do when that inevitable moment we call "such a time as this" comes up.  It's up to us to propel them, to toss them up and let them do their stuff. We can cheer for them. Then they need to trust we will be there when their thing is done, even if they fail. We become a safe place for them to grow and become stronger.  We become a safe place for them to be restored and readied for their next leap of faith.  

What is really messed up is when we, the leaders are trying to always be the flyers and never the base, wanting to be tossed and caught.  This isn't your show you know.  This is their time to fly, their time to shine and it's up to us to be there to not only toss them but to catch them as well.  Your flying days aren't done, you train up enough flyers God will move you to another team where you will be the rookie, the younger one, the lightest.  

The lightest on the team

All flyers including us leaders need to shed the spiritual, emotional and intellectual baggage.  Through the grace of the Cross we can be the leanest and greenest on the team.  Leave the baggage and be ready to fly!

Who are you tossing and cheering for?

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