Lessons from the Field: Guest Blogger Sharon Liebowitz

Guest Blogger & Missionary, Sharon Liebowitz, is posting today about lessons she has learned from the Mission Field. For more on Sharon's ministry, check it out at www.majesticdestiny.org

After spending seven years in Brazil I could probably write a novel in answer about what the Lord has taught me, but I will share just a couple.  
First, and foremost – you have to be willing to SERVE.  
I think more than anything else the Lord has given me a servant’s heart.  I have learned that I (all of us really) exist to serve Him.  We are not here (contrary to popular “Christian” belief) to say to the Lord "Give me, Give me, my name is Jimmy!"
 Once you are willing to serve, the Lord will provide countless opportunities for you to do so. 

You have to have the measure of faith to serve where ever, when ever, doing whatever He calls you to do.  

If you pray Jer. 42:3 – you have to be willing to follow His call.  That is an act of faith in the midst of often unspeakable fear.  You have to truly trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding because nothing that He tells you to do will necessarily make sense to you.  But, you have to take that first step of faith.  The road map will never be laid out for you.  Most of the time, the Lord will only show you one step at a time and often He will only place the rock under your feet as you lift your foot to take the next step.

Next, even when all HELL rages war against you as you follow Christ’s lead, remember: "greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world."

He who started a good work in you is faithful and just to complete it.  He will give us the ability to do what He has called us to do.  He will not allow us to be ashamed.  He is still SOVERIGN, FAITHFUL, JUST, HOLY, and RIGHTEOUS over every situation. The truth is that if all of HELL is not raging war against you, you better seek the Lord because you are probably not doing what God wants you to be doing!

Finally, when you have done all you can do and you can barely stand, STAND FIRM!  
Remember you are not here because you want to be here.  You are here because God has called you to be here.  You didn’t come because you wanted to come.  You CAME IN OBEDIENCE – So when the going gets tough (and IT WILL), you need to STAY in OBEDIENCE!  I would love to say that you should stay because your deliverance draweth nigh.  That might be what happens, BUT it might not!  If you are going to be a missionary for Christ anywhere, you need to reach the point that you say, YEAH THOUGH HE SLAY ME, I WILL STILL SERVE HIM!

Once you can say that, then you are ready!  Let us be like Nehemiah, unwilling to come down until the wall was completed. There is a harvest that is ripe out there, and we who are the laborers are few.  So let us get to work for there is much work to be done.  Let the Battle Begin!  AMEN!

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