Types of Naysayers

Don’t worry about the nay - sayers.  

Every where you go there will be someone that has no clue what they are doing or your doing, yet they have this impeccable timing to let everyone know they do.  The worst part is the only ideas that work in their tiny little brain are their ideas.
There are a few type of nay sayers and the only reason why I mention them is because mabye we too can steer clear of becoming one.

  • Small mindness.   This is totally missing the big picture.  So worried about the little meal today they miss out on planting for next season. 

    • fear of lions - Proverbs 22:13 The lazy person is full of excuses saying "If I go outside, I might meet a lion in the street" If we go out into the neighborhoods a dog might chase us. 
    • discrimination - use age or gender to say it won’t work.  Hey, I have even seen someone use marital status and lack of children to negate a person’s ideas
    • 404 error - Don’t you just hate when you get that while surfing the internet or trying to get a picture to upload.  The worst part is there is no solution. No link I can follow that will even give me a reason to why it’s not working IT JUST DON’T  - I love these guys they will go on an on boring everyone to tears about all the reasons it won’t work without offering one bit of solution to make it to work.  
    • seeing is believing - won’t make a move unless they see for themselves it really being played it in their part of the world.  So much for God visions huh?
    • Button pushers - they have learned this crazy knack of how to push someone’s button.  It’s not that the idea won’t work, it could but if they can get you out of sorts by pushing your button they will. And a good nay-saying session pushes buttons.
    • sounds like work - yep normally big visions have some sort of get off your uh-hem pew and do something. These guys aren't into the work or the price tag.
    •  put offs - they put off everything to tomorrow, sounds good but let’s do that next week.  A real cleaver “put off” will put it on someone else’s shoulders, real delegaters here. Now these guys aren't all bad, waiting on something could be strategic, they have good points but watch out with the ones that put off consistantly. They just don't know how to really nay-say yet. 
    • been theres - they tried that already and it didn’t work.  Now they might have some truth and experience to it, but the real root behind it was they failed and they really don’t want to experience that again.  
    • keep the change - they don’t like change, they have always been doing it a certain way and changing that is like trying to fix something that ain’t broke.  

    Don't get me wrong here, nay-sayers can help you out.  When you prepare for them, your vision get's developed.  Thinking through the nay-saying will help you see the wrinkles in the plan to see the vision played out. Just don't let them get you down and let's not become one.

    Q4U: Any suggestions how to keep the nay-sayers at bay?

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    1. These are great! Thanks for sharing. I think you might have given me a great lesson to teach at our next church leadership meeting! (I'll credit you!)


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