Betty got a Bass Boat

The things women do to find a man. 

I really can’t relate to this, Dave and I found each other, it was a collision in the most unlikely of places. I wasn’t looking and he wasn’t looking it just happened, 19 years later and still, by the grace of God, hanging in there.

Betty Got a Bass Boat

There is a song called “Betty Got a Bass Boat” which is about a girl buying a boat and a truck to attract the guys. A splendid plan indeed, according to the song she gets a ton of guys. However they were there for the boat, the truck, the flat screen tv, the cooking and party, they weren’t there for her. Not to mention she was completely worn out in the process.

Sometimes we buy bass boats in ministry. 

We find a gimmick, or bring in something we like to call relevant to attract the crowds. What we have to realize is however you get them, is how you will have to keep them. People are fickle, always catering to them will wear you out.

I’m not saying don’t do anything that is just silly. 

We need to reach out, and reach out a lot at any cost. If God tells you to get a bass boat, don’t hesitate get a bass boat. What I am saying is the whole essence of ministry is glorifying God, to minister to Him first and foremost. Do the things that please God. What makes God smile? Do that!

I personally came face to face with the sacrificial love of Christ with pancakes. A lady made me pancakes when she had every right to kick me out of her house. It convicted me, she was lifting up Jesus in her life and I was getting a revelation on what love looked like.

You don't need gimmicks.

If the gimmicks are distracting people from His mercy and grace, get rid of the gimmicks. You don’t need them. People are drawn to the power of the Cross. When you lift up Jesus on the Cross people will come. When you are compelled by love and overwhelmed by His compassion you will reach more people than any gimmick.

I personally like Jesus’ way of attracting the crowds, the Holy Spirit. Nothing promotes God’s glory better than Him. There is no gimmicks in Holy Spirit movements.

How did you come to know the Lord?

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