Archive dig: Armor Bearers

This weekend's archive dig found "Armor Bearers."

So much can be said about armor bearers in our lives. Having them and being one is a huge topic. Take some time away and think about it this weekend and let me know what it means to you.

Q4U: What's qualities of an armor bearer do you look for or strive for?

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  1. The book "Armor Bearer" I and II by Terry Nance was something really powerful for me, and when I find someone that I think has potential to fulfill this role well I have them read that book and discuss it with me as we work toward this type of relationship. I find that it takes a lot of time and seeking God and taking careful steps to find the person to fulfill this role. When things have been done in haste, it's always created problems for me, so time is a major factor for me in waiting on God and taking time for things to develop in a healthy way.


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