Pledge of Allegiance Wins Souls

Those that go on the road with me, or spend a little time with me know I love to win souls. I love to hug the broken hearted, and I love to empower the people around me. They ask me how I do it, or they say I’m a natural. I say with sincere confidence I am definitely not a natural.

In fact, I was created with a shy disposition, a very shy disposition.   So far this year I have had 54 salvations. I only say that to encourage you, my sister. If I, a naturally shy person, can win someone to Christ so can you. I am not super gifted and I am not a natural people person, it is only by the grace of God I can do what I do. And here is what I do.

Pledge allegiance to Jesus

In that pledge I become more passionately committed to Jesus Christ than ever before. Just saying it out loud makes my Spirit stronger. A pledge is a serious matter and I don't believe God takes our pledges for granted, especially if they are to Him. He will give you everything you need to fulfill that pledge. This pledge will align you with His passion, and He is passionate about people, all kinds of people. 

Pledge to get to know Him

Please don't get me wrong. Your salvation is not dependent on how many souls you win.  I'm not questioning your commitment level either.   I’m saying go for more.  Get to know Jesus more intimately than ever before.  How can we have allegiance with someone we don't know?  Don’t be satisfied with just knowing about Him, but know Him.  The more you know Jesus the more fortified your allegiance will be. 

Allegiance means alignment

al-le-giance (noun) loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause

When we pledge our allegiance to Jesus we are basically saying we are aligning ourselves up with His standards, His ways, His thoughts, His heart. We are seeking His Kingdom first and last.  We are pledging to go where He goes and speak what He is saying. 

Pledging allegiance to Jesus means you will die for people. Jesus died for the very people who cried out "Crucify!"  His passion was exhibited best on the Cross.  Your allegiance will be displayed on the Cross.  Are your choices redeeming others?  Are you willing to preserve people's dignity?  He didn't come to mock or scorn people and neither should we. When we pledge our allegiance to Jesus we are pledging to love our neighbor, even our enemies. Allegiance to Jesus means you will win souls, even if it means to suffer. 

Q4U: What other implications does "I pledge my allegiance to Jesus" have?


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  1. Fantastic post. This IS the heartbeat of God. There is absolutely no revival or move of the spirit that doesn't involve soul winning at it's core. If we are about the Father's business we will be aligned with this purpose.


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